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Meeting New People
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Sunday, 1 December 2013
Sunday, December o1, 2013

Hi Everyone:Smile

I know that I have not posted anything new for the last 4 years.  Now I am getting back to posting.  I am really interested in your opinions.  

I am 70 years young single female and I would like to know how other single senior citizens are meeting and making new friends and relationships.  Where do you meet new people in this age category?  Do you meet people in churches, senior citizens centers, grocery stores, concerts, dances, restaurants, flea markets, antigue shows, vacations.  I know that when I was younger I would meet people in all of the above places.  I enjoyed it at that time.  

 Do you date, just form platonic relationships, etc.?  I hope you will write and let me know your opinions.  

 Now I feel at a lost as to what to do, especially meeting men.  I do make friendships with women easily, but sometimes I would just like to have some men friends to go out to dinner with, or to a concert etc. just for a change of pace.

 I am hoping both women and men will write back to me with their experiences.  Thank you. 

Posted by singleseniorcitizens at 10:33 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 1 December 2013 10:45 PM EST
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Saturday, 1 August 2009
How and Where Do I meet Single Senior Citizens
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Meeting New People

Hi EveryoneSmile


How is everyone today?  I want to explain that this blog is not a dating service.  It is a blog so that single senior centizens can post their comments about some questions that they may have.  One of them could be where is a good place to meet people our own age?  

One of the places to meet could be at a senior citizen activities group.  The only problem with this is that there are not only single but most of the people are married couples.  Many of the people is these groups are a lot older -  80's through 90's.  So where does one meet single seniors? 

 I have tried talking to people in the food stores - especially in the fresh vegetable department.  This is a old suggestion that I once read in a women's magazine.   While this may be a good place, I have yet to really meet anyone either women or men doing this.

 I have tried Parent's Without Partners and other single groups, bars, restaurants, dances, book clubs, bible study groups, prayers groups, etc.  Most of the time the problem has been the ages of the people attending these functions.  They are younger than I am in their 30's and 40's.  Where are Single Senior Citizens meeting? What do they like to do?  How do they meet each other?  

 Well I will let you ponder these questions in the hopes that you will write and let me know the answer?  In the mean time have a good day/night.




P.S.  Next posting will have another thought on how to solve another problem.  Do you have any questions and problems you would like to discuss?  Feel free to write about them here.






Posted by singleseniorcitizens at 10:39 PM EDT
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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hello EveryoneSmile

 I can hardly believe it is Thursday already.  Where did the other days go.  

 I started this blog  so that I could meet single people who are 55 to ? years old.  I would love to have this as a place to meet other single mature people sharing ideas. good things and  help them solve their problems or answers questions anyone may have.

 Here where I live it is hard to meet single people my age.  It seems that  most of the single groups, dances, and other activites are mostly younger people in their 20's through 40's. 

 Where are the people who are 55 and older?  Where do they go to meet people in their own age category?  Or are we all so busy that we just stay within our own family groups with our children and grandchildren?  

 I am hoping that other single people in this age group will post their comments here and help me start a single senior's place to meet to exchange helpful hints and form lasting friendships.  It does not matter where you live - I hope you will join this group.

 It is a georgeous day here today with bright sun shinning and blue skies and 80 degrees weather.  I am going to run all my errands and take advantage of this beautiful day.  Have a good day.


Posted by singleseniorcitizens at 11:57 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Single Senior Citizens
Mood:  happy
Topic: Meeting New People

Hello Single Senior Citizens:

This is my first blog that I have ever issued, so if there is a misstake or two, please excuse them. 

I am a female single senior citizen, 66 years young, who would like to meet other single senior citizens, both males and females of any age.  

 I would like to discuss how to overcome basic living challenges as well as share all the exciting, happy times in our lives.  What are your concerns and highlights of your life?

 I hope you will let me know by leaving your comments.

Thank you.


Posted by singleseniorcitizens at 1:49 PM EDT
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